From creating content to building online communities, Journey by Mediavine is the first step toward a sustainable future income. Find out how far you can go.

Pave Your Own Path

Journey by Mediavine is the ad management solution for websites with traffic starting at around 10,000 sessions per month and the publishers behind them. Paving your way to a successful business through digital advertising just got easier. Simply install Grow by Mediavine and run it for a minimum of 30 days. (The sooner you get started, the better.) We’ll measure your traffic and reach out when you’re ready to run ads. 

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Build Your Audience

Our user engagement toolkit, Grow, makes running Journey ads on your site possible. Grow helps you nurture your audience and increase your traffic. The easy-to-use software helps you generate authenticated traffic and lets us analyze your site and know when it’s ready for ads. Running Grow is a requirement for Journey ads

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Tap into Mediavine’s extensive ad management expertise, from ad placements that work to tech that won’t slow down your site. Our industry-leading ad settings, plugins and first-party data solutions — like Grow — are all designed with site speed, privacy and user experience in mind. Get ready to chart your own course online.

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Why Journey?

With Journey, you can begin building a sustainable income quickly and easily through advertising that provides a great user experience and doesn’t destroy pagespeed.


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Launch from Anywhere

No matter where you live, work or play, Journey is there. Our platform is open to all publishers with premium traffic from anywhere in the world where Mediavine does business. Launch your future from the places that work for your life.


Tech for Today

With Mediavine’s first-party data and identity solutions, we can help you build traffic and engagement without slowing you down. Every product we build is designed with speed and sustainability in mind.

Start your Journey Today

Ready to get started with Journey? Here’s how:

  1. Create a free Grow publisher account, add the plugin to your website, and apply for Journey. 
  2. Once Grow is installed and you’ve applied for Journey, we’ll begin evaluating your site to determine your eligibility for Journey ads.
  3. While you wait, use Grow’s features to increase your traffic and grow your audience.
  4. When your site is ready, we’ll reach out with an invitation to apply for Journey ads.
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