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This site uses the following types of cookies:

Essential – These cookies are necessary for the website to function properly and help with basic website functions like page navigation. Essential cookies do not require your consent because they are necessary for the website’s performance.

wpEmojiSettingsSupports : This cookie is utilized to enable emoji support on pages using WordPress.

__cfruid : Cookie associated with sites using CloudFlare, used to identify trusted web traffic.

Functional – These cookies improve your browsing experience by storing preferences like personalized layouts or language choices.

snowplowOutQueue* : Used by Snowplow to store a cache of unsent events. This is used to reduce the chance of events to be lost due to page navigation and events not being set to the collector before the navigation event occurs.

_sp_id.* : Used by Snowplow to identify if the user is in an active session on a site or if this is a new session for a user (i.e. cookie doesn’t exist or has expired).

Analytical Performance – These cookies track website performance, like page views and user behavior, to help us improve the website. The data is anonymous and used only for statistical analysis, not to identify individuals.

grow* : Used by for analytics.

growme_* : Used by for analytics.

growme_version : Used by for analytics.

sp_ses.* : Used by Snowplow to store user information that is created when a user first visits a site and updated on subsequent visits. It is used to identify users and track the users activity across a domain. This cookie stores a unique identifier for each user, a unique identifier for the users’ current session, the number of visits a user has made to the site, the timestamp of the users first visit, the timestamp of their previous visit and the timestamp of their current visit.

_ga_# : Used to distinguish individual users by means of designation of a randomly generated number as client identifier, which allows calculation of visits and sessions (US)

_ga : Records a particular ID used to come up with data about website usage by the user (US)

Advertising – These cookies, called behavioral advertising cookies, follow your online activities to build a profile of your interests. This helps deliver personalized ads, measure ad performance, and limit the number of times you see an ad. They may come from us or our third parties. 

_gat_gtag : This cookie is part of Google Analytics and is used to limit requests (throttle request rate)

uid_2 : This cookie is used for the purpose of targeting.